The purring fifteenths….

It’s two o’clock in the morning, and Apsara, pulled by her two boomed out jibs, is running at almost seven knots under the moon with the electric pilot at the helm.
We dropped the mainsail this afternoon. We won’t be hoisting it again for more than a week: there are more than two thousand miles of open water ahead of us before South America. Two thousand miles of guaranteed downwind sailing: we’re in the trade winds.
The purring fifteenths, as I like to call them (even if, for the moment, we are only at 24 N) are the best place for relaxed sailing. The breeze is warm on my skin, Apsara is surfing at 10 knots on a long, friendly swell. The current is favourable.

Here’s a short video account of 2 400 miles downwind:

Twin jibs (best daily run: 161 miles)

under spinnaker

Boomed out genoa

And finally a bit of motoring…
Apsara in the Amazon rain forest


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